• r.i.p my cactus who I overwatered and died

I’m Flor And this is me in Florence, Italy.. Argentinian graphic designer, cat lover and cactus killer.

Nope. I can’t still get over the fact I killed my cactus. :(

Anyway, I’ve been designing since I was a teeny tiny 14-year-old nerd who enjoyed staying at home just to watch tons of Photoshop tutorials.

Later on I started to learn how to build websites on Wordpress and that’s where I got to learn the basics of HTML/CSS and a bit of PHP.

On college I found out that even though I suck at drawing I can actually still illustrate, so that’s when I discovered my love for illustration in general. College also helped me realize how much I love typography.

When I started working at Little Blue, I was asked to edit some videos and that’s when my animation journey began.

I don’t know what will be the next step in my career, but I only hope it keeps on pushing me to learn new things.


  • Ministry of Culture
    of Buenos Aires

    Senior Graphic Designer

    July 2017 — Now

  • Little Blue

    Junior Graphic Designer

    January 2016 — July 2017

  • Freelance

    Starting around 2007 — Now


  • Graphic Design

    University of Buenos Aires

    Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design


Branding & Logo
Art Direction
Web Design
Hand Lettering
Video Editing
Project Management




Currently learning korean! 안녕!